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About Us

Support Coordination with deep understanding and care with Targeted Care

Occupational Therapy that is individualised and assists you to reach your goals


Targeted Care offers a unique understanding of the NDIS and Support Coordination. Erika, the founder of the company has years of experience navigating the NDIS and is also a qualified Occupational Therapist herself, so understands your needs from a healthcare perspective too. Targeted Care was founded by Erika after a number of years spent navigating the NDIS herself and learning many ways to get the most out of her NDIS plan. She saw the significant gap in services linking people and has seen the struggles people face who don’t have the guidance and support they need to thrive and utilise their plan to the maximum potential.

This in depth understanding of healthcare, NDIS participation and her own lived experience as a person with a physical disability makes Targeted Care a unique service where we personally understand your needs and have a passion for helping others and ensuring your success.

Targeted care is exactly as it states, we aim to target each individuals care and services to suit exactly what they need. We understand the importance of getting services that suit you and aim to help you achieve this through providing outstanding, reliable and trustworthy support coordination services tailored to each individual’s needs.

We promise to be:



Personalised service

Caring and friendly attitude

Happiness Is at Ombrios

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